Saturday, March 13, 2010

33 weeks and surrounded by cuteness!!!

Wow...33 weeks pregnant today!!  Holy cow, where has the time gone?!  I feel good, for the most part.  I have days that I am super tired, and others that I'm full of energy.  Nothing out of the ordinary! 

I got up early this morning and took Hanna out for a fun morning of shopping!!  It was a really pleasant morning, and I had a ton of fun!  Hanna was so well behaved!  I was super stoked to get my new Medela breast pump this morning!  I know this is my last baby, so it was a lot of money to spend, but it's totally worth it!  A decent pump can make it so much easier when your exclusively breast feeding! 

Anyway....I have discovered yet another thing that makes Hanna and Caylie complete opposites!  Hanna is my little cheeser that just loves to have her picture taken, while Caylie is usually pretty uninterested in posing for the camera!  But I have been totally surrouned by cuteness the last few days!  As a result I have picture overload, so I have to share!! 

and one of the husband...for good measure! 

Life is good! 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

re-decorating, nesting, sleep, tsunami scares and sickness, OH MY!!

Oh the things the last month has been!  Good, bad, busy, crazy, and even gross....things are definitely never dull around here!!  It's been almost a month since my last post.  We had a tsunami warning almost two weeks ago.  It was a big mess.  Mass panic.  It was pretty over-dramatized, but that's ok I guess.  Jon and I agree that it's always better safe than sorry.  So that was intresting.  We ended up staying home and waiting it out.  I didn't see any need in we spent the morning hanging out with Derek, Katie, and Ella.  Then I brought the kids home for their naps.  We watched the news all morning, and the most that we saw were some major tide surges that looked cool, but were nothing near being a tsunami.  The whole thing was an unforgettable experience...but one that I hope I never see really happen.  It is always nice to know in any case that the safetly plans and precautions that are in place for situations like that would actually work! 

In the last month we have accomplished many things.  Jon built us a super cool bar to re-decorate our lanai and turn it into his "Man Cave".  It's very cool, and he did a fabulous job!  Here it is, the finished product! 
It's pretty awesome!  It made the whole room look amazing!  And after two weeks of work...the finished room looks like this.  I took this picture standing in the corner next to the bar, but that's what the rest of the room looks like!!
We're pretty proud of it! 

Other than that, I have spend the last few weeks trying to keep my nesting under control.  I have the undeniable urge to be crazy organized.  Not just clean, but everything has to be in just the right spot.  I want the books on the damn bookshef sorted by author and all that crap!  Just this morning, I defrosted the freezer!!  It's nuts, but I suppose it makes things get done!  I keep working on a list of things that I'd like to have done by the time that I'm 37 weeks pregnant, and while I know I am accomplishing things on this list and crossing them the same time I keep thinking of more and more things to add to the list so it never gets any shorter!!!!  LOL!!  Oh well...hopefully the nesting bug will leave my house soon, and I'll be less inclined to add things to the list!! 

Speaking of poor girls have been so sick the last few days!  :(  Throwing up, diarrhea, the whole bit.  It's terrible, because I hate that there's really nothing I could do for them.  I had to just hold them and rock them and try to tell them they were going to be ok...and they would just cry.  It broke my heart to watch them be so sick.  But apparently this bug is running rampant through the island right now, so I guess it was bound to happen.  My friend Heather had her baby last week and we were supposed to go to their BBQ on Sunday.  Needless to say we didn't go.  I would have felt so bad if the girls had passed on their sickness to a 4 day old baby!  Goodness!  But I suppose they are feeling better today.  Caylie is definitely milking it for all it's worth today, and I swear, today is about the last day I'll put up with that.  I have no problem babying her when she is sick, but man, she is something else today!  She's totally fine, and still all whiny and crap.  UGH!  My patience in wearing thin.  Poor Hanna is still not feeling well...but she took a hellacious nap today, so I'm hoping that means she's on the mend!   And just for's my favorite pic from the last couple weeks.  The girls and their friend Ella, our friends Derek and Katie's little girl, playing in their dog kennel!!  Love it!!! 

And last but not least....the prego update!  I am now 32 weeks pregnant.  I don't really have anything to report except that all is well!  All my 28 week bloodwork and tests came back completely that's good.  I am measuring a week ahead at 33 weeks, but I'm not surprised.  I actually expected it.  I am completely exhausted lately...but honestly I'm not sure if that's because it's just the third trimester kicking my butt, or if it's because the girls have been so sick this last week that I haven't slept well.  Either way...I find myself wanting to dose off right around the time they are napping/resting during the day.  I wouldn't feel so guilty about it if my damn list of things to do wasn't so long!!  LOL!!  Anyway....I will start having the exciting updates after my next appointment, which is on April 5th...the day after Easter.  (Can't wait for that by the way...GiGi sent them some amazing Easter outfits that I cannot wait to put them in!!)  But that is when I will start getting some idea of where I'm at and all that happy stuff!  But anyway...time marches on, and it'll be over before we know it!! 
32 weeks

I hope this update finds everyone happy, healthy and well!!!