Monday, October 25, 2010

Catching up with Hanna! I skipped a day.  That will happen.  Oh well.

Hanna turned 2!!  OMG!  The last two years have flown by so fast!  It really does not feel like so long ago that I was pregnant with her!  She has grown into quite the little girl.  She's almost as tall as Caylie and only weighs a few pounds less than her.  Jon and I are always telling Caylie that she should be nice to Hanna because one day Hanna will be bigger than her!  She's quiet.  She doesn't talk that much.  But she's a thinker and a problem solver.  She's so logical!  As of now her only real words are please (wees), thanks (anx), mama or mommy, dada, bubba (for brother), doggie, hi or hello (hewo), bye, baby, pee pee, and ick (for yucky).  She may have a few more that I can't remember off the top of my head.  But this is not to say that she doesn't understand.  She knows what we say to her and she will listen if we tell her to do something.  She's always very sure of what she wants and gets her point across.  I'm not really sure why she doesn't have more words.  I'm going to call tomorrow to make all of the kids' check-up appontments, so maybe the pediatrician (whom I LOVE, she's wonderful!) will have something to say about it. 

Again, I could go on and on and on about Miss Hanna, but I won't.  Other than today she made mommy very angry and really pushed the limits of my patience.  I wish I had taken pictures, but honestly, in the moment I could have cared less about pictures of the mess!  Caylie left her bathroom door open and Hanna got the baby bath soap out of there and decided it might be fun to pour just about all of it out onto the floor in Caylie's room.  Sure, fun for HER.  But for me...two hours of working with the steam cleaner later, and it's still not all out of the carpet.  I finally gave up on it.  It's not like we aren't responsible for all the carpet in this house when we move out anyway.  GGGRRRRR!!! here are some pics of Hanna, one for each month.
 yeah, that's underwear on her head.  :)
 Pool fun!

 Miss Destructive tp'd the house!
 She's also a climber.  This is how she got to the toilet paper! on another note.  A few quick notes to update on some other things so I don't have to do it later!  Jon's Warrant Officer packet finally made it all the way to the board with no snags.  He has officially been selected by the Board!!  YAAAAAAY!!!!!  I'm extremely proud of him!  He worked really hard for it!!  As of now he has received messges that he has orders for WOC and school in Virginia.  We do not have any dates set for moving yet.  A few months back, Jon was issued orders to recruiting school at Fort Knox.  Had he not been selected for Warrant, that's where we would be headed in the spring.  Praise God, that's not happening!!!!  The problem is, although he's been selected for Warrant, those orders have not yet been removed from his ERB.  Add to all this that he's been sailing for all but 6 days of the past month and those days were mostly weekend days, he is not even home to take care of the paperwork and make sure things get fixed.  So we have no PCS dates or anything like that.  YET.  It's frustrating because I'd like to start preparing to leave the island, and I have no timeline to work with to get anything done.  GAH!  Tomorrow is the start of a new week!  I pray we find out more with each passing day!!

Ok...I think I'm done for now.  Oh, just really quick though.  OU was ranked number one this past week in the BCS standings.  They played Missouri yesterday and lost.  Played a really crappy game.  Normally I really wouldn't post this, but I got these.......and wanted to share!!! 

They were not in the best of moods for pictures, but they are still pretty dang cute!!  :)  Ok...I'm done for tonight.  Off to bed!

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